Kurolace is born.

Published January 31, 2012 by kurolace

If you’ve ever named a blog, you know that many of the good names are already taken… Especially if you don’t want to have any numbers or whatever in the name… So after some thought, and many bad ideas, I’ve decided to name this blog “Kurolace.”

I wanted a name that reflected my interested in not only the cute and frilly, but dark and strange… If you can’t already tell, the name is a combination of two simple words: kuro (or kuroi – Japanese for black) and lace … Not terribly creative, but I like it! Some people don’t like Japenglish …. and sometime I agree, but I hope that those few will forgive me. One of my interests is gothic lolita and other things “kawaii,” so a Japenglish word seemed appropriate 😛

As to what I intend to put here… well, I figure that I’ll have to wait and see what inspires me. To start with I’ll add some beading photographs… maybe a how-to or a recipe every now and then. Maybe a few “words of pseudo-wisdom,” or a product review. Whatever strikes my fancy. Perhaps that isn’t a good approach for generating traffic, but right now that isn’t really my concern.

I think now I’ll go make a list of ideas!

So for now, my sweetlings and strangelings, farewell!


5 comments on “Kurolace is born.

  • Awesome name! I, too, like to mix the cute and the weird. And anything associated with Japan is automatically cool. 😀

    I think I need to follow your blog. We seem to have a lot in common. I’m most certainly a strangeling!

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