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Published February 22, 2014 by kurolace

Sooo… I’ve been back in the USA for one week now. Yeah, I decided not to stay on at my job in Poland. The situation wasn’t all that great (although it improved dramatically during Jan and the beginning of Feb), and I was homesick. Unfortunately that means I’ll miss out on WGT, but I had to be serious with myself and realize that just that festival couldn’t possibly be worth putting up with another 5 months of shit treatment, stress, and low, low pay. I barely broke even and have a grand total of about 600 dollars of savings to show for the last 6 months. Oh well. At least I managed to leave on a fairly good note, without losing my ability to use them as a reference (the same cannot be said for 3 of my cohorts – two who left in December on 2 weeks notice, and 1 who was fired 2 weeks away from the end of his contract).

Anyways… plans for the future:

– Get my bedroom at my parent’s house cleaned and organized. Its a horrendous disaster and safety hazard at the moment. No joke.

– Apply for my old computer job, and maybe a few new computer jobs, as well as some real teaching jobs if I can find any that are suitable.

– Pursue my artistic endeavors as usual. I’m adding writing to the list – fantasy / horror short stories. Writing is something that I keep thinking about and dabbling at – but I’ve decided that I need to give it some serious effort at least for a month or two and see what happens….

– Fun stuff for this blog! Its been neglected for a long time 😦 So sorry. I’ll start with a “Poland Haul” post with all the stuff I bought in Poland….coming soon!

Well, that’s it for now lovelies! Mwah!

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