Eyebrows: Seeking the non-drawn-on alternative

Published February 27, 2012 by kurolace


So, as we all know, drawn on eyebrows are kind of a iconic thing in goth fashion. They can be natural-ish, or extreme. I know some people even have their “trademark” style and color. The problem for me is, I’ve always been terrified to actually try to do this. To be honest, its mostly because I am a tad bit lazy and I don’t want to have to draw on my eyebrows everyday or otherwise be “the eyebrow-less wonder.” I also somewhat doubt my ability to draw them on perfectly even… I already have enough trouble with symmetry with my natural brows! And thirdly – I actually have a tiny mole under my left eyebrow… so if I were to shave off the eyebrow, suddenly I’d have yet another mole to try to deal with.

Sadly I have kinda bushy eyebrows. Its really annoying, because the hair on my scalp is very fine…. you’d think that it would mean that my eyebrows were also fine / small…. but apparently there is no relationship between the two. Ever since high school I’ve always pluck and shaved my eyebrows. There have been times when I’ve been good at maintenance, and other times when I hardly bothered with them at all. Recently I had just been plucking the bare minimum, but I was starting to get annoyed with the shape, so I decided it was time to break out the stencils, tiny electric razor, eyebrow scissors, ruler, and black eyeliner!

Eyebrow templates - contains four shapes... if only I could get eyebrows like the model on the package, lol.

I decided to do most of the shaping by using the electric trimmer ( bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond). That way, if I did make a mistake, the hair would  grow back fairly quickly. On a clean face w/ no make-up, I started by using a ruler to line up the corner of my nose and eye… then I marked were the brow should begin. Then I held the stencil over my natural eyebrow and used black eyeliner to fill it in. I used to use the “classic” eyebrow template a few years ago, but this time I decided to go with “elegant” (The template set I have has 4 shapes total). The only problem with the elegant style was that the outer part of the brow was at a completely different angle as my natural brow. So I decided to only use that part as a guideline  for length.

I then shaved away anything that was outside of the template area. I also plucked a few of the most obvious stray hairs.

After I finished both brows this way, I wasn’t entirely sure I liked the end results… my eyebrows are kind of unsymmetrical naturally, and the problem seems to carry over a little bit whenever I am trying pluck or shave the new shape.

I did take a few lousy, unflattering pictures… so you can see for yourself.

Before plucking / shaving

The color is way off on the second/”after” picture… not sure why that happened!

1 day after reshaping / shaving

Anyways… like I said, I don’t know if I’m all that happy with the results, all though I do think they are an improvement. Maybe I should just suck it up and completely shave off my brows.

Do you shave & draw on your brows?


One comment on “Eyebrows: Seeking the non-drawn-on alternative

  • I don’t pluck, but I do shave mine into shape following the brow bone and fill them in with shadow. Really behind on doing it this month since I haven’t been in much of a makeup mood. When I am, I use the darker shadow for a more “drastic” look:

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