Kawaii Macaroon Charm Necklaces

Published April 26, 2013 by kurolace

Hi! Here are some macaroon charm necklaces I made using paper clay. Next time I think I’d use resin clay to try to give a little more weight to them (they are extreme light weight), and maybe try to make the macaroons a bit flatter…. I haven’t put these in my etsy shop yet, but I think I will… just cause I don’t know what I’d do with 6 necklaces like this, lol.  What do you think?

Handmade paper clay macaroons with little gem decorations...

Handmade paper clay macaroons with little gem decorations…




3 comments on “Kawaii Macaroon Charm Necklaces

  • I love how they came out! Resin clay does hold the designs really well. I find paper clay and resin clay about equal when it comes to sweets deco accessories. Some people like how lightweight paper clay is, though there’s the concern of water damage (depending on what sealant you use). Others are turned off by the slightly heavier feel and/or texture of resin clay. Just experiment and find your own preference. Heck, some artist mix the two for a compromise.

    • Thanks! I sealed them with Sparkle Modge Podge… So I suppose they have at least a little bit of water resistance… but that’s a good point about the water damage concern. I have been planning to order some Grace or Oak resin clay on Etsy for a while to try out, since thats what all my Japanese craft books always have listed as their main clay. So maybe I’ll try that mixing idea!

      • Cool. Yeah. Haven’t tried Grace yet (the price always makes me cringe). I enjoy Lumina. I know Hobby Lobby and Joanns sell it. The slight flexibility is rather fun too. Happy experimenting!

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