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Etsy Finds: Wall Decals – From Cute to Goth

Published April 10, 2013 by kurolace

For a while I’ve been thinking of doing some easy redecorating in my room – I say easy, because its not worth doing a total re-haul. (I am still living in my childhood bedroom in my parents’ house) One way to do this would be with wall decals, which are removable. Etsy has a lot of vinyl decal stores. And if you start searching for “wall decals” you’ll notice a few trends… cherry blossoming trees… birds, branches, kiddie stuff, words… A lot of the designs are very similar store-to-store…so it takes a while to find the best. I found a selection of decals I think are nice, which I’m sharing here with you. Some are more “normal” trendy designs, some would be good for lolita decor, and some are a bit darker ūüėČ

Under the Sea decals from Simple Shape. $148

Simple Shape. $148

To start, here is a large, cute set from SimpleShapes. This Under the Sea set cost about $148, but has a lot of stickers in it, in multiple colors. I know it is presented as being for kids… but I would totally get it if I had a room I wanted to decorate in an aquatic theme… maybe like a hallway even.




innovativestencils. $139.99

I found tons of tree themed decals. I like the cherry blossom types, but I also like the birch tree types. You can find just plain trees, trees with birds, and trees with birds and deer, etc. Here is a Birch Trees with Snow Birds and Deer decal set from innovativestencils for $139.99.


Stars in 2 colors from looksugar. $28

looksugar. $28


Back to cute-sy…. Here are some star decals which would work for any room…. You could get them in pastel colors if you want a girl, gothic lolita or pastel goth look! Or deeper colors are great too… This is a 97 star set (in two colors) from ¬†looksugar for just $28. The nice thing about this kind of set is that you could split the decals up to use in different rooms or on accessories, mirrors, etc.


Human Skeleton decal from VinylWallAdornments. $59

VinylWallAdornments. $59

On to something a bit more quirky. Whether your into darker stuff, or maybe a med student,¬†or maybe both!… Here’s a human skeleton decal from¬†VinylWallAdornments for $59. I suppose the more tame of you could use it for Halloween decor.

Burtonesque tree from VinylWallAdornments. $85

VinylWallAdornments. $85

Also from VinylWallAdornments, this Burtonesque tree caught my eye. Its $85. ( This store has decals which are slightly more “artistic” in nature in my opinion.)



seanhexed $25

seanhexed $25

Next I came across this Spirit Bottles decal from seanhexed. It¬†costs $25 and looks like it’d be great across the back of a mantel or wall shelf… This store has some other goth & alternative themed designs



pillboxdesigns $29.99

pillboxdesigns $29.99

Finally, the coolest for last! There are¬†several bat themed decals available on¬†Etsy. Normal, flying bat silhouettes, cutesy cartoon bats hanging on a line… But I love this one best… Its sort of a play on those bird cage decals you can get (yes I do like those too…) but way better… this Bat Cage decal is from pillboxdesigns and costs $29.99. You can choose to get it in 2 colors: one color for the cage and chains and one for the bats. 12 feet of chain and 11 bats lets you customize the layout a little bit… plus you could save a bat or two to decorate in another area.

Etsy Finds: Wrought Iron

Published March 1, 2013 by kurolace

I’ve been back at it on Etsy… browsing for things I can’t afford to buy. This time I’ve found a few great Wrought Iron items. Many of the wrought iron items on Etsy are vintage things like shelf brackets, wall decor, hangers… but there are some other interesting items as well.

$18.50 from Raidersoflostloot

$18.50 from Raidersoflostloot


For example, this vintage 3 tier shelf caught my eye, because the twist in this one is cool. Also, it looks to be a nice black color (I don’t like that vintage not-quite-black-brown color you sometimes find with vintage wrought iron). Its available from Raidersoflostloot for $18.50.


ModernIronWorks $37.99

ModernIronWorks $37.99

One of the wrought iron makers/sellers on Etsy offers garden gates and shelf brackets, and although I prefer the flower and humming bird designs, I though that this Spider Web shelf bracket was cool. There was also a spider web gate in the sellers shop. The seller is ModernIronWorks and the bracket is priced at $37.99.


$49.99 CathysMiniatures

$49.99 CathysMiniatures

At first, I didn’t notice that this was a miniature item! If you’re a miniatures enthusiast or have a (haunted) doll house, you might like this miniature candelabra, which comes complete with candles. The only downside is the price (it is handmade, I assume). Its $49.99 from CathysMiniatures.


Taitaya $99.70

Taitaya $99.70

Next I came across these cool wrought iron roses. They aren’t very big, but very cool. The cost about $99 and are from Taitaya, a forge in the UK.


$114.99 stainedglassturtle

$114.99 stainedglassturtle

There are plenty of wrought iron candelabras available on Etsy, some vintage, some new. But I found a very cool candle holder which combines two of my favorites: wrought iron and stained glass. This cherry red heart stained glass candle holder costs $114.99 and is sold by stainedglassturtle. There was also a clear/white one available.


MetalMastersinc $3,300

MetalMastersinc $3,300

Finally, I can help but love wrought iron beds, so naturally I adore this Victorian style king sized bed set, which costs about $3,300. It includes the bed, two side tables and two lamps, so its not a bad deal. Of course I have neither the money nor the space for it! ūüė¶ Its from MetalMastersInc. Just think how great it would look with dark red & black satin sheets! *drool*


Well, there you have it, a wrought iron Etsy wish list. How do you feel about wrought iron?

Some Kawaii Things In My Room

Published December 22, 2012 by kurolace

Hi! I suddenly got an urge to take photos in my room, so I decided to showcase some of my favorite items. These items, by my definition, are all kawaii! Although perhaps not all of them are usual examples of kawaii (no big bubble eyes, cute foods, or any of that).

To start, here's a cute "piggy" bank I bought I Target a few years back.

To start, here’s a cute “piggy” bank I bought I Target a few years back.

My mom bought this for me last year while cruising the Baltic.

My mom bought this for me last year while cruising the Baltic.

My Stitch plush... and yes that's a bandana around his neck.

My Stitch plush… and yes that’s a bandana around his neck.

Another bank... I've had this one since before I can remember.

Another bank… I’ve had this one since before I can remember.

My Victorian bed style wire jewelry organizer...I bought it on Amazon.

My Victorian bed style wire jewelry organizer…I bought it on Amazon.

This is my sprite doll from the old cartoon Rainbow Bright. It makes a squeak noise when you shake it.

This is my Twinkle doll from the old cartoon Rainbow Bright. It makes a squeak noise when you shake it.

A jewelry stand I bought at Hobby Lobby.

A jewelry stand I bought at Hobby Lobby. There are mesh parts (which you can barely see in the picture), where I can store my earrings.

Its hard to take a picture of something like this... not only is it behind glass, but its a foil picture too!

Its hard to take a picture of something like this… not only is it behind glass, but its a foil picture too!

I think the above things are pretty true to my personality. Of course there are plenty of other things which aren’t so true to my personality, but slowly I’m trying to phase those things out.

What sort of kawaii things do you have in your room?