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Year Re-Cap

Published December 18, 2015 by kurolace

Hi All,

2015 hasn’t exactly been the best year for my blog. I guess I’ve been a little preoccupied with other things in life. My grandma died at the beginning of the year, and we spent a good 6 months or so trying to get her house ready for sale. In June, I had a crushing disappointment when I tried out for a job in Japan. I say “tried out” because it was a grueling 8 hour interview process which was partly recorded. In the end I don’t think I was peppy enough for them. They didn’t really seem to care much about actual teaching experience/ability. After that I sort of decided to put finding a job abroad on hold for awhile, since I was pretty much broke (it was like $800 to go out to San Fran for the interview).

I did manage to get a job in August as a substitute teacher.  So, I’ve been pretty busy this fall wrangling 5-year-olds, getting slandered by an 8 year old, and trying to not get bitten by children with autism. The good thing is that I have a slightly improved income…although it’s still pretty much cr*p. Also, although I like teaching and some of the children, for the most part, being a sub hasn’t really made me want to be a full-out teacher. So, over the next two weeks (Christmas break), I’ll be back at the ol’ job search. *sigh*… I’m seriously getting too old for this! I’m even considering returning to Poland.

Lately I was applying my make-up, and realizing how old  I look. I don’t have any major wrinkles, but occasionally I see a few very fine lines on my forehead, and deep shadows under my eyes (genetic, not habitual). Some people still mistake me for being college-aged, but I am increasingly being asked if I have kids. I hate being asked if I have kids. I mean, I know a lot of my peers DO have kids (heck, my college roommate has 2, and one is already 5 years old), but I just don’t feel old or “adult” ish. So I have re-vowed to go off sugar (main cause of aging, if you didn’t know), and double up on the sunscreen… and once I’ve paid off my credit card debt ($1500 to go…), I’ll be investing in some dermatology stuff.

Anyways… I am not yet giving up on this blog! I still have things I’d like to post about, and I hope that the next few months will work out better.

Until then, stay creepy my strangelings!




Moved to Poland

Published October 2, 2013 by kurolace

Hello Sweet Strange-lings.

So I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from WordPress. Things were quite busy for me during the summer as I was taking an online class, an in-person art class, volunteering at the hospital, working part time, AND getting ready to go to Poland! Yes, I found out toward the end of June that I would be coming to Poland to do an English teaching internship. There was only about a month and a half to get everything in order, so things were quite frantic. We were also fostering kittens and doing other things at my house.

So I have been in Poland for about a month. Things here haven’t exactly gone as I had imagined they would, there’s plenty of chaos, bullying, and general BS in relation to this job. But I’m in a slightly more steady situation now after 1 month. I’m going to be here until at least Valentine’s Day, perhaps longer. I sort of want to stay on a year so that I can go to Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig in June! Although I would need to find someone to go with before then, cause I’m way too much of a scaredy cat on my own! But seriously, how cool would that be?

Well, hopefully I’ll be getting some pictures up soon of places and cool things (bought a few cool accessories here), and in the meantime I’ll be catching up reading others’ blogs!

Oh, and I would looove to hear from anyone in Poland, and also from anyone who may be going to WGT!

Updates: Semester Ending, Retinas Fixed, Decoden Tuts on the Waaaay….

Published April 20, 2013 by kurolace

Hi All Sweet and Strange Ones….

Since the semester is coming to an end this week, I’ve been a little busy with assignments for my business class. On top of that, I found out I have two holes/tears in my retina, so I had to get a laser procedure done this week. The doctor just “stitches” around the holes to make sure that the retina wont detach.

I’ve been back into decoden lately…. so I decided to do some tutorials on it. I’ll have them up maybe next week? This weekend I’m still doing some school work and also wanting to caste some resin… so I don’t know if I’ll get to it.

One more thing… I finally got my photo cube set up last night and took like 160 pictures of stuff I’ve made (hair accessories, necklaces, cell phone charms) to list on my etsy site. I’m a little conflicted about listing all the items though. Obviously 160 is a lot and so I wont list all, but I have put some up. The issue is that I would like my etsy store to be more “themed” as gothic lolita, kawaii, goth stuff… but I need to sell my other stuff (we’re talking 6 years + of evolution of style here, people). I am *hopefully* going to do a craft fair this summer, but I’m sure I’ll still have stuff left over that I need to get rid of.

Well I’ve posted some things to my store already. So I’ll be doing a few “promotion” posts next, so you can see some of the stuff!

Still alive… sorta.

Published February 27, 2013 by kurolace

Hi sweet strange-lings…

I’m afraid I’ve been absent for a while. Unfortunately I’ve been ill and having issues for the last 2 months, involving an ER trip, a fever, many strange symptoms, and multiple doctors appointments. I’ll spare you all the tedious details and say that it has been diagnosed as “anxiety”… Which is a bit frustrating, but I suppose I can see how the doctors came to that conclusion. I’ve been told to work on reducing stress, find some way to be more social, and to try out a paleo diet (a la The Paleo diet thing seems like it might be stress inducing in itself, seeing as I live with 3 other people who are not really keen on doing it. For those who don’t know, this particular eating style requires the complete avoidance of all grains, legumes, and dairy. This method is supposed to reduce inflammation and help with a wide variety of health concerns. Its a bit expensive though, in my mind, seeing as you are supposed to eat a lot of organic stuff, and grass-fed, free-range meats. For me the key to success will be figuring out how to pre-make stuff, because I hate cooking all the time.

Unfortunately my mom had a heart attack in January, while on a cruise in the Caribbean… It was supposedly minor, and she has been a home for several weeks now. But as you can imagine, I’ve been a little distracted and busy, so I haven’t had much time to make anything. I also recently started a business course at the community college and volunteering at the hospital. But hopefully once I’m used to it all, I can get back to posting on a more regular basis.

Recently I finally downloaded the newest The Birthday Massacre album “Hide and Seek”. I totally love it 🙂 So here is a one of the best songs from it:

Christmas Haul, 2012

Published December 26, 2012 by kurolace

Hope everyone had a good day yesterday!

Tinsel Town polish collection close up.

Tinsel Town polish collection close up.

We woke up, opened presents and went through our stockings, and then had some delicious French toast that my mom and I had prepared the night before using challah bread. Since we only recently started moving stuff back into the kitchen, we didn’t make Christmas dinner at our house, but instead we went to a buffet at a local semi-luxury hotel. It was a pretty good meal… I ate enchiladas, shrimp cocktail, green bean casserole, and ambrosia fruit salad. And for dessert I had a little half sliver of German chocolate cake and a sliver of pumpkin pie. Thats gotta be my favorite thing about buffets – I don’t have to eat turkey / ham or whatever (I’m not a big fan of the typical holiday main dishes, for some reason). Also I can get “crumb” deserts – I take the little “left over” pieces left from people who couldn’t figure out how to take an entire piece without it falling apart. That way I can have a sampler plate with lots of types of dessert.

As to the gifts… In my stocking there was candy, of course, as well as a Starbucks gift card, a book, and angora socks (with reindeer on them, very cute, from Eddie Bauer). My brother gave me an iTunes DSCN0555card. My mom gave me the Panda hat/scarf and the OPI Sephora nail polish collection with mini bottles of polish. My dad gave me a silver scarf, and a chia cat grass growing kit. He also tried to get me a silicone / “gel” skin for my smartphone, but the person at the store sold him the wrong kind (even though he had my phone’s model name written down). I have an HTC MyTouch 3g, and the skin that the sales person sold my dad isn’t big enough and doesn’t have the camera hole in the correct place. So he’ll be returning that and then maybe we can go look for one that fits.

Additionally I received a bit of money too, from my Grandma, Aunt, Aunt & Uncle, and my parents. Totaling $600, I’ll probably use it to pay off my credit card… lol, how sad.

Of course Stitch wasn't part of the haul, but he is modeling my new panda hat/scarf for you.

Of course Stitch wasn’t part of the haul, but he is modeling my new panda hat/scarf for you.

Some Kawaii Things In My Room

Published December 22, 2012 by kurolace

Hi! I suddenly got an urge to take photos in my room, so I decided to showcase some of my favorite items. These items, by my definition, are all kawaii! Although perhaps not all of them are usual examples of kawaii (no big bubble eyes, cute foods, or any of that).

To start, here's a cute "piggy" bank I bought I Target a few years back.

To start, here’s a cute “piggy” bank I bought I Target a few years back.

My mom bought this for me last year while cruising the Baltic.

My mom bought this for me last year while cruising the Baltic.

My Stitch plush... and yes that's a bandana around his neck.

My Stitch plush… and yes that’s a bandana around his neck.

Another bank... I've had this one since before I can remember.

Another bank… I’ve had this one since before I can remember.

My Victorian bed style wire jewelry organizer...I bought it on Amazon.

My Victorian bed style wire jewelry organizer…I bought it on Amazon.

This is my sprite doll from the old cartoon Rainbow Bright. It makes a squeak noise when you shake it.

This is my Twinkle doll from the old cartoon Rainbow Bright. It makes a squeak noise when you shake it.

A jewelry stand I bought at Hobby Lobby.

A jewelry stand I bought at Hobby Lobby. There are mesh parts (which you can barely see in the picture), where I can store my earrings.

Its hard to take a picture of something like this... not only is it behind glass, but its a foil picture too!

Its hard to take a picture of something like this… not only is it behind glass, but its a foil picture too!

I think the above things are pretty true to my personality. Of course there are plenty of other things which aren’t so true to my personality, but slowly I’m trying to phase those things out.

What sort of kawaii things do you have in your room?

New Kitchen and a Little Tree

Published December 21, 2012 by kurolace

Hi hi!

A quick update on whats been going on around here lately… For about 2 months, we’ve had a non-functional kitchen. It started with an leak under the sink, which lead to the discovery of a black mold epidemic inside the wall. We had to have out kitchen sink, dishwasher and all the lower cabinets on that wall torn out and the wall “re-mediated”. Then, since we already had half of the kitchen torn out, my parents decided to go ahead and remodel it, since it was probably about 50 years old. Sadly, I didn’t take pictures of the old kitchen, but I do have some pictures of the new one! They aren’t completely finished yet, just a few more touch-up type things will be done tomorrow, but then we’ll finally be able to move stuff back in and start cooking again! We probably wont be cooking Christmas dinner at our house though, so we’ll be going out again (we did at Thanksgiving too).

So, the main differences? Well a lot! Its much brighter now, although I hate the yellow/green paint my mom chose for the walls – luckily its mostly covered up by cabinets and the tile.

Yay, lots of light, we added under-cabinet lights because it used to be really difficult to see what you're doing.

Yay, lots of light, we added under-cabinet lights because it used to be really difficult to see what you’re doing.

We had to get a new dishwasher cause the other had mold on the back.

We had to get a new dishwasher cause the other had mold on the back.

We tore out these horrible pantry shelves that had folding doors, they were shallow and half weren’t really accessible because the doors were in the way. Now there is a blank wall. The other part of the corner used to have a built in desk and a few bookshelves above, now its all cabinets – which are our new pantry / appliance storage.


Needless to say, during all this we haven’t been fostering kittens. We did three batches (I only posted about the 1st litter). Also, sadly, just before the renovation we had to put out dog to sleep. She was 17, and had a huge tumor on her shoulder. She finally stopped eating and my parents decided that it was time. I went with them, sat on the floor with her, and she lay down on my foot / against me, like she always used to. Then she closed her eyes and was gone. 😦 I cried for a long time there in the vet room, and so did my mom and dad. Brownie was my dog for 16 years, you know 😦

I pulled it out of a video, so its not the best pictures of her... Just a few months ago, she was still very alive. See the white part on her shoulder? Thats where the tumor has pushed her hair up so you see her undercoat.

I pulled it out of a video, so its not the best pictures of her… Just a few months ago, she was still very alive. See the white part on her shoulder? That’s where the tumor has pushed her hair up so you see her undercoat.

Since our living room area is kinda messed up with boxes of stuff, we didn’t put up our big tree this year. We got a dinky little one for $24 at Whole Foods instead. I found this Star thingy which I’d never seen before, tucked right in the top of one of the decoration boxes that is stored in my room (well in the tiny closet in my room). Don’t know where it came from, but luckily it had a short string of lights attached to it – we thought maybe w didn’t have any lights anymore, since our big tree has them built in.