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Etsy Finds: Wall Decals – From Cute to Goth

Published April 10, 2013 by kurolace

For a while I’ve been thinking of doing some easy redecorating in my room – I say easy, because its not worth doing a total re-haul. (I am still living in my childhood bedroom in my parents’ house) One way to do this would be with wall decals, which are removable. Etsy has a lot of vinyl decal stores. And if you start searching for “wall decals” you’ll notice a few trends… cherry blossoming trees… birds, branches, kiddie stuff, words… A lot of the designs are very similar store-to-store…so it takes a while to find the best. I found a selection of decals I think are nice, which I’m sharing here with you. Some are more “normal” trendy designs, some would be good for lolita decor, and some are a bit darker 😉

Under the Sea decals from Simple Shape. $148

Simple Shape. $148

To start, here is a large, cute set from SimpleShapes. This Under the Sea set cost about $148, but has a lot of stickers in it, in multiple colors. I know it is presented as being for kids… but I would totally get it if I had a room I wanted to decorate in an aquatic theme… maybe like a hallway even.




innovativestencils. $139.99

I found tons of tree themed decals. I like the cherry blossom types, but I also like the birch tree types. You can find just plain trees, trees with birds, and trees with birds and deer, etc. Here is a Birch Trees with Snow Birds and Deer decal set from innovativestencils for $139.99.


Stars in 2 colors from looksugar. $28

looksugar. $28


Back to cute-sy…. Here are some star decals which would work for any room…. You could get them in pastel colors if you want a girl, gothic lolita or pastel goth look! Or deeper colors are great too… This is a 97 star set (in two colors) from  looksugar for just $28. The nice thing about this kind of set is that you could split the decals up to use in different rooms or on accessories, mirrors, etc.


Human Skeleton decal from VinylWallAdornments. $59

VinylWallAdornments. $59

On to something a bit more quirky. Whether your into darker stuff, or maybe a med student, or maybe both!… Here’s a human skeleton decal from VinylWallAdornments for $59. I suppose the more tame of you could use it for Halloween decor.

Burtonesque tree from VinylWallAdornments. $85

VinylWallAdornments. $85

Also from VinylWallAdornments, this Burtonesque tree caught my eye. Its $85. ( This store has decals which are slightly more “artistic” in nature in my opinion.)



seanhexed $25

seanhexed $25

Next I came across this Spirit Bottles decal from seanhexed. It costs $25 and looks like it’d be great across the back of a mantel or wall shelf… This store has some other goth & alternative themed designs



pillboxdesigns $29.99

pillboxdesigns $29.99

Finally, the coolest for last! There are several bat themed decals available on Etsy. Normal, flying bat silhouettes, cutesy cartoon bats hanging on a line… But I love this one best… Its sort of a play on those bird cage decals you can get (yes I do like those too…) but way better… this Bat Cage decal is from pillboxdesigns and costs $29.99. You can choose to get it in 2 colors: one color for the cage and chains and one for the bats. 12 feet of chain and 11 bats lets you customize the layout a little bit… plus you could save a bat or two to decorate in another area.

You Always Have Friends Around You

Published March 10, 2013 by kurolace

I often have extremely strange dreams when I nap in the afternoon. Even for naps that only last 5, 10, 20 minutes… Today was no exception. I struggled with how to present this to you, and in the end decided to transcribe it, just as it happened / sounded/ seemed to me when it occurred. Of course, this means its in a strange and choppy style, somewhere between bad poetry and prose. But perhaps this helps capture the meandering nature of the entity featured… Also, unfortunately i can’t provide you with the images that should accompany it. If anything, I would have liked to find a silhouette shadow of a man, sitting in the window sill’s light, smoking.

Like many of my dreams, this straddled the line of creepy and comforting.


I dozed on my bed, in the afternoon sun.

And it wasn’t long before it began.

I saw on the wall, the shadow of a man,

through my half closed eyes.

Not quite right, the shape wavered, and dragged.


It has become my practice,

at such times,

to feign sleep.


I was on my side, and soon turned over a bit more,

only to find myself suddenly ice cold, and aware,

of the ragged breathing, which was not my own.

And then, a calloused grey finger, dragging slowly, but gently, on my forehead…



“I can’t breathe. Could you move over, please?

I like to lay here next to you, you know.

Oh, and I know you can see me


particularly in the shower…

in the evening, when its a bit later, and a bit darker,

there, in the bathroom above the garage.

I like to watch you wash your hair,

its such lovely hair, I do like it.

So I watch you wash your hair,


And sometimes, I feel, a bit like a man again.


At night, you say your lonely, but you know,

You always have friends around you.

Oh no, don’t be afraid, you’ve got nothing to fear

from the ones who gather here.

These Dead, you see, are neither bad, nor good.

we simply don’t know what to do with ourselves.


But we found you, and now we follow you.


Oh, and once or twice,

when something, not so nice

has come to haunt you,

we’ve always helped, to keep you safe,

because we wouldn’t know what to do

if we couldn’t always be around you.


Oh, we’re Clarence, and Jim, and Lily,

and then there’s him,

and a relative of the late John Addams.

In your room, in your kitchen, in your car,

At the gym.

Through all the various things that you do,

You always have friends around you.”


Cute Bow Earrings

Published March 2, 2013 by kurolace

Hi Darlings! Today I wanted to show you the great new earrings I got this week! I’ve been looking for a while to find some little black bow earrings, and finally came across a pair I wanted to try out.

$10.50 + $2.50 shipping, available on Amazon from Accessories Forever

$10.50 + $2.50 shipping, available on Amazon from Accessories Forever

I originally thought I’d prefer some that are just metal, but then I saw these rhinestone ones on Amazon. They are  sold by Accessories Forever and cost me $13. I was a little bit nervous to buy them, since the picture on amazon made it difficult to tell what the size and quality would be. I thought they could either be really cute, or really cheese-y!

Luckily they turned out to be really cute! I actually received a complement on them the very first day I wore them. They are about 0.5″ x 0.5″, and the crystals really are of good quality.  Also, they arrived extremely quickly! Only about 2 days after I ordered them! (They shipped from CA, so if you live on the East Coast, its probably going to take longer.)

The same design is available in black, purple, red, blue, pink, silver, gold… and I think even teal. I’m seriously considering getting a pair of the purple ones! 🙂

Etsy Finds: Black Hearts

Published December 18, 2012 by kurolace

Hi! I have another set of good Etsy finds for you. This time the search term was one of my favorite accessory/decorations: Black Heart / Hearts.  I love simple black hearts, and also sometimes not so simple (like filigree). It think they are the perfect mix of cute, elegant, and sophisticated.

So here we go….

Silver Trumpet Jewelry

Silver Trumpet Jewelry

To start off the list is a nice charm bracelet with large black hearts from Silver Trumpet Jewelry. There are a few other nice charm bracelets in that store as well. $32 isn’t exactly cheap, but keep in mind that making charm bracelets takes time and lots of materials. I would prefer if this bracelet had either bright silver metal parts, black, or bright gold. These days I just am not a big fan of the aged-bronze/brass look. (Although at one point that’s all I liked)



The next item is a bit of a twist on “Black Heart”… Typically I’m not into these anatomically correct hearts, but I thought it was clever in this case, and the fact that these are carved is impressive. So if you like that sort of “sarcastic” type of thing, these black heart necklaces are for you! The shop is CBDahlia and each necklace costs $38.



Of course, we can always make our own custom items, embellished with these cute black heart studs! They’re on clearance too! Just $4.52, from fikashop. I’ve never used studs before, but I’m under the impression that they are relatively easy to use.

The Washi Shop

The Washi Shop

If you aren’t familiar with Washi tape, its similar to masking tape because of its paper feel. I love it. Mostly I use it for mailing / packaging items in a pretty way. So you know I just love this black heart, lacey washi tape! Its from The Washi Shop and costs $2.50.

ecofriendly notebook from thisisit

ecofriendly notebook from thisisit

For anyone who likes to horde collect notebooks like I do, check out this “ecofriendly” notebook from thisisit. Its 8.5″x5.5″ and costs $18. You can choose between lined and unlined pages too, which is nice. I love cute school supplies and stationary – even though I’m no longer in school, hehe. Seeing this notebook actually made me think about trying to do something similar by using fabric… hmm I’ll have to try it out and maybe make a tutorial! 😛



Oh, I came across this great throw pillow during my search. Its a little bit pricey, but really cute. I wish my room was a little bit more “in-theme” and that my bed was big enough to have another throw pillow on it! I think I might prefer it with lace instead of that leaf stuff… but still, this is very cute. $42 from nurdanceyiz.



Lastly I found this mug with pained on hearts. The hearts kinda look like they have eyes! I’m sort of a sucker for mugs.. lol, I think it might have something to do with my tea obsession… The mug is hand painted and costs $18 from GlitznGlass.

Well, thats it! Hope you enjoyed looking at the pretties and maybe you have gained some inspirations! See you next time! 🙂

Etsy Finds: Pastel Goth

Published November 1, 2012 by kurolace

Hiya 🙂 I hope you had a happy day of Haunting yesterday. Mine was lame. I stayed at home and watched the end of Tegami Bachi, ate frozen yogurt, and dreamed of happier Halloweens. 😦 But anyways…

I’ve been busy lately… Flu, job searching, a torn up / non-functional kitchen, and getting ready for my very first craft fair (Nov 17th!)… So I haven’t had time to do much in the way of photography, crafts, or anything for this blog. How sad :(…

Recently I’ve been doing a LOT of browsing Etsy. For various reasons… price comparison for my items that I’ll be selling in a few weeks, as well as just having fun on Etsy. I’ve been pretty much broke lately, which I think only adds to my desire to browse more than usual. I’m particularly obsessed with dreaming about hair-color-that-cannot-be…. Since I’m job hunting I have to keep it natural. That’s probably what got me started today on my “Pastel Goth” Etsy quest…

It all started with these amazing clip in extensions… I can’t tell you how much I wish that I could have my hair like this (other than job hunting, there’s the fact that my current hair is henna/auburn, so I’d have to do a fair amount of bleaching before the colors would look right, I just don’t like bleaching)….. The price is pretty good for a full set of custom dyed, clip in extensions, but sadly out of my budget:


Of course, the hair would be perfect when topped with this head band (seller has other colors too):


When it comes to pastel goth stuff, I particularly love pastel Bats… They are sooo cute! I found a few great items I’d love to have…. Including these adorable polymer cell phone charms:


These bats aren’t pastel, but the stars have that candy plastic look to them:


I found this belt, which I love for being so weird / cute. (The seller also has a bat wing scarf):


An important detail, IMO, are fingernails. I adore fake/temporary nails (temporary thanks to awesome, one-day glue from Japan). So of course I want some that would fit in with a pastel goth outfit… I’d prefer them in blue or purple, but these pink ones are still cute:


Lastly, although not pastel, this is very cute. I’m always a sucker for lace:


Needless to say, Etsy has tons of other items too… You can just search “pastel goth” and find a lot of good stuff. 🙂

Book Review: May Bird and the Ever After + sequels

Published September 14, 2012 by kurolace

May Bird and the Ever After

May Bird Among the Stars

May Bird, Warrior Princess

by Jodi Lynn Anderson


I actually should have posted this a few weeks ago, when I first finished the series… but oh well, :).

Little less than year ago, my mom had to finally make the decision to retire from her position as a 4th grade teacher. It was a hard one for her, as she wanted to last 1 final year, before retiring. There were both practical and personal reasons for this: she had already committed to the school year, and leaving mid year wasn’t a nice thing to do to anyone, students or principal… and also, she wanted to feel like she had control over this one thing. But cancer moved into her spinal cord and started causing immense amounts of pain, such that she couldn’t stand for long periods of time, let alone maintain control over 20-some 9 year olds.

While moving her stuff out of her classroom in December, a few books caught my eye, in particular the “May Bird” series. I finally got around to reading them last month, my mom had put them aside for me when sorting out books to be donated to various places.

First, I have to tell you, that these books are intended as children’s literature – at least in regards to ease of reading and style, etc. But I actually am fond of a good children’s book. They’re like “non-committal” books, and I never stopped picking them up to read whenever my mom had them in the house (which was ALWAYS, lol).  High school and college more or less killed my “personal” reading ambitions… I went from a kid who was always reading something, to someone who couldn’t even bear to pick up a book during winter vacation. Luckily it seems that over the last year since graduating, I’ve started to read again. Although I still avoid all the heavy sh*t out there, that people tend to praise as being mind blowing, awesome, insightful, revolutionary… bleh

Anyways, the May Bird books are children’s books, but they have a particular twist which appealed to me: Most of the story occurs in the After Life. And Jodi Lynn Anderson’s Ever After ain’t your typical Pearly Gates or Elysian Fields.

In the first book, May Bird (your stereotypical misfit) finds herself sucked up into the Ever After, despite being very much alive. Her naked cat, Somber Kitty, accompanies her, as does her disfigured/malformed “house ghost” Pumpkin. Being a “Live One” in the Ever After is Illegal, and being a Live Cat is even more illegal… We find out that the Ever After has recently been more or less taken over by a Dark Spirit named Bo Cleevil, and it seems that May Bird is destined to be the one who defeats him (according the Book of The Dead, no less). Her adventure includes meeting up with one of the beautiful and loving Grim Reapers, befriending a dead TB patient, Italian military officer, and Bee-Goblin Crossbreed, avoiding certain doom at the hands of the Bogey Man and his Shuck Dogs, and finally deciding to travel to meet with the mysterious “Lady of North Farm” who is the one who originally summoned May Bird to the Ever After.

In the second book, May Bird and her companions finally reach North Farm, but they are pursued by an evil black fuzzy kitty, who just so happens to be considered one of the most dangerous Dark Spirits to ever exist. (This is the sort of absurdity which keeps the books light-hearted enough to be meant for children – otherwise the razor-blade mouthed clowns might lead to trauma) The lady of North Farm turns out to be a sort of Gaia figure in a way…. she has “always existed” and spends a lot of her time disguised as stars in the sky, lines in the sand, or a face hidden behind leaves. She informs May Bird that her only way out of the Ever After is a portal in the Bogey Man’s bedroom. Consequently, she has to travel to the territory of Dark Spirits. Along the way she meets up with some other “Live Ones” who vow to help her, as they believe she is indeed the savior of the Ever After.  After entering the realm of dark spirits, May Bird has a chance to rescue one of her friends, who had been swallowed by the Black Water in the first book, and then she has a brief run-in with Bo Cleevil, but is forced to escape with Somber Kitty through the portal in the Bogey Man’s closet. The book ends with her being reunited with her mother in the world of the living.

The third and final book, May Bird, Warrior Princess, takes place several years later. May is now 13, and rather disenchanted with her life as a “normal” 13 year old. She has had the nasty shock of discovering no one believes her tale of adventure in the Ever After, not even her mother. On her birthday, she suddenly receives a mysterious phone call. She only hears one sentence: “We need you” and recognizes Pumpkin’s voice. Later, there is a black-out in the middle of her birthday party, and her insistence that “Its the ghosts!” send her guests away screaming. That night, determined that they are coming to take her back to the Ever After, May Bird puts on her “Warrior Princess” outfit, and goes up to the “Widows Walk” on top of her house with Somber Kitty…. We have to chalk up her lack of better judgement to her desperation, as it is the middle of a snow storm. Needless to say, she falls off the roof (so does Somber kitty), and dies (so does Somber kitty). Being dead doesn’t make things much easier for her in the Ever After, as she discovers that Bo Cleevil has successfully rounded up most of the inhabitants and imprisoned them in his fortress town to the North. Even North Farm has shriveled up and the Lady is missing. Fortunately May Bird is reunited with her previous companions (who haven’t given up the fight), and they make a final attempt to destroy Bo Cleevil. I’ll skip the details, so as not to spoil it for you,  but May Bird and Somber Kitty do make it back to the land of the living in the end  (hey, its a children’s book – not to mention that we hear the grim reaper in the first book tell May that she isn’t due for another 80 years).

If you can’t tell from my jumbled mess of a summary – the books are full of detours and details, but its not so much that you get confused. Things are nicely pieced together throughout the story and the details help give the characters their personalities.  The books seem big – but that’s because the print is larger than normal. These three books actually could be put together as 1 large book with three parts, and it probably wouldn’t be much bigger than one of the later harry potter books. I read the first two books in about 2 days each, and the 3rd book probably took more like 3 days.

You can get them on Kindle, or in paper back, but since the first book was published back in 2005, I’m not sure how available they are at your local book store. 🙂

Found and Want: Amazing Romantic Victorian-ish Liz Claiborne Shoes

Published July 17, 2012 by kurolace

I’ve been browsing ebay tonight, and I came across these amazing shoes:

I don’t know if these are really called “Cinderella” or not, or if the embellishments were added… all I know is, I wish I could wear them!

Sadly, they are a size 5.  And I wear a size 8-9. Ugh!

I suppose that perhaps if I were really clever, I could figure out how to make some shoes similar to them…. but I don’t know if I am that clever (or could find the piece for it).

One thing I love is the heel… I can’t do really high heels, so whenever I see something like this with a lower (and substantial) heel, I feel like I’ve struck gold – except of course when they’re the wrong size.

Needless to say, if you know where to find a larger size of these… let me know! Lol…

Henna Adventures…. or: How-to Dye Your Hair Naturally

Published April 26, 2012 by kurolace

Hello Again!

Yesterday I dyed my hair with henna for the second time. The first time was over 9 months ago. Back then I used a henna/cassia mix because I wasn’t sure how red I wanted the results. This time I used a henna/indigo mix because I wanted to darken my hair a bit. I sort of messed up and didn’t take a before picture… sorry :P… my hair was sort of a warm, slightly red, light brown, but with ashy-brown roots.

1 day after using a 2/3 henna, 1/3 indigo mix (picture taken with scanner - so that's why there's a weird light :p)

In high school I had a few crazy colors in my hair, and then started using boxed grocery-store hair dye… but in college I eventually developed a sensitive scalp and had to find a new way to dye my hair. I actually let my hair grow out for about 1 year, then last summer I decided to try henna…. (it wasn’t the first time I had tried henna.. but the really-first time was such a messy disaster without any results what so ever – That was the bought-at-co-op type henna that is all twiggy and leafy when you open it up)

After searching the web I found a great site about dying your hair with henna, called: Henna for Hair. That site links to one where they sell the pure henna, cassia, and indigo that you might want to dye your hair with. Its much higher quality henna than what you might buy even at the whole foods store. Its also extremely well powdered and certified by an independent pharmacy to be safe. The pricing isn’t too bad – its more expensive than the grocery store boxed dyes, of course… but it isn’t as expensive as a trip to Aveda. I bought about 200g of henna, and 100g indigo, for $36, and it turned out to be twice the amount I needed.


Steps for dying your hair:

1) (Optional) Do a test swatch by harvesting hair from your brush and preparing a small amount henna to dye it in. (I’ll admit, I always skip this step – but if you area really picky about what color your hair turns, then you should go ahead and do this) Try different strengths of solution and different lengths of time until you get what you want. Henna for Hair sells small sample amounts that you can use to find your ideal color.

2) Buy enough henna to cover your hair  – if you haven’t already. The Henna for Hair website claims you need about 100g per 3inches of hair, but in my case that wasn’t true. I have really fine hair, so although its long, it just doesn’t need a full 500g of dye (the amount that I bought the first time ). Even 300g was too much. BUT I think you’re best getting the full recommended amount the first time, so that you don’t run out. – Luckily henna can be frozen and stays good for a few months that way (so you can save left overs – just don’t forget about it!). Unfortunately I don’t think indigo can be saved.

3) Mix up your henna the night before, using something acidic like lemon juice. Let the henna develop for 12 hours.

4) The next day, section your hair carefully and wind the sections up into mini buns all over your head. The more sections, the better – it’ll be easier and faster to apply the henna. MAKE SURE to use plastic accessories / pins, because metal can react with henna and ruin it.

5) Clear the area where you’re going to work. If you want to, you can put down plastic or wear a garbage bag if you are worried about getting stuff on you or the floor. Definitely wear latex / rubber gloves – or else by the time you finish dying your hair, your hands will be dyed too.

6) If you are using any indigo… now is the time to mix it up with some water, then add it in with the henna and stir well. Don’t let it sit around, or it will loose its potency.

7) Apply henna to head. The instructions that came with my order said to “pack it on like a child making mud pies” lol… I used a salon highlighting brush to apply my mixture… you can easily buy one on amazon. It took me forever to apply the mixture… about 1.5 hours. But I am slow and have a hard time with the back of my head … plus my hair is long. The easiest (and fastest) way to dye your hair, of course, is to get someone else to apply the mixture to your hair – like your mom, sibling, girl/boyfriend or friend.

8) After you’ve gotten all of your hair covered in dye, wear a shower cap. You’ll need to leave the dye in for a long time…. at least 2 hours. You can blow dry your hair a little bit to speed up the process.

9) Rinse all of the dye out. Shampoo and condition if you want to. Henna darkens a little bit over the next 2 days.

Above the instructions, you may have noticed I mentioned both Cassia and Indigo. Cassia is sometimes called “blonde henna”… but its a different plant. Its a very lightly colored dye and wont show up much (or at all) if you have darker hair. But it makes a good “spacer” and a conditioner. That’s why I used it to dilute the henna for my attempt 9 months ago. Indigo is a plant which can dye your hair black. It only takes about 2-3 hours to become useless, so that’s why you don’t mix it up ahead of time like you would the henna or cassia.

Natural hair dyes can’t get you blue, green, or purple hair…but you can achieve dark auburn, red, or black hair… which are all good Goth hair colors in my book. 🙂 By mixing different amounts of henna, cassia, and indigo, as well as a adding a few herbs, you can really tweak your hair color to exactly what you want. For instance…. mixing henna and cassia together, and using it on light hair, can result in strawberry blonde hair. Pure henna will usually result in red or auburn hair. Henna mixed with indigo can result in auburn, dark auburn, or brown hair. And indigo, applied after rinsing out henna, can create a beautiful midnight / jet black.




Eyebrows: Seeking the non-drawn-on alternative

Published February 27, 2012 by kurolace


So, as we all know, drawn on eyebrows are kind of a iconic thing in goth fashion. They can be natural-ish, or extreme. I know some people even have their “trademark” style and color. The problem for me is, I’ve always been terrified to actually try to do this. To be honest, its mostly because I am a tad bit lazy and I don’t want to have to draw on my eyebrows everyday or otherwise be “the eyebrow-less wonder.” I also somewhat doubt my ability to draw them on perfectly even… I already have enough trouble with symmetry with my natural brows! And thirdly – I actually have a tiny mole under my left eyebrow… so if I were to shave off the eyebrow, suddenly I’d have yet another mole to try to deal with.

Sadly I have kinda bushy eyebrows. Its really annoying, because the hair on my scalp is very fine…. you’d think that it would mean that my eyebrows were also fine / small…. but apparently there is no relationship between the two. Ever since high school I’ve always pluck and shaved my eyebrows. There have been times when I’ve been good at maintenance, and other times when I hardly bothered with them at all. Recently I had just been plucking the bare minimum, but I was starting to get annoyed with the shape, so I decided it was time to break out the stencils, tiny electric razor, eyebrow scissors, ruler, and black eyeliner!

Eyebrow templates - contains four shapes... if only I could get eyebrows like the model on the package, lol.

I decided to do most of the shaping by using the electric trimmer ( bought at Bed, Bath, & Beyond). That way, if I did make a mistake, the hair would  grow back fairly quickly. On a clean face w/ no make-up, I started by using a ruler to line up the corner of my nose and eye… then I marked were the brow should begin. Then I held the stencil over my natural eyebrow and used black eyeliner to fill it in. I used to use the “classic” eyebrow template a few years ago, but this time I decided to go with “elegant” (The template set I have has 4 shapes total). The only problem with the elegant style was that the outer part of the brow was at a completely different angle as my natural brow. So I decided to only use that part as a guideline  for length.

I then shaved away anything that was outside of the template area. I also plucked a few of the most obvious stray hairs.

After I finished both brows this way, I wasn’t entirely sure I liked the end results… my eyebrows are kind of unsymmetrical naturally, and the problem seems to carry over a little bit whenever I am trying pluck or shave the new shape.

I did take a few lousy, unflattering pictures… so you can see for yourself.

Before plucking / shaving

The color is way off on the second/”after” picture… not sure why that happened!

1 day after reshaping / shaving

Anyways… like I said, I don’t know if I’m all that happy with the results, all though I do think they are an improvement. Maybe I should just suck it up and completely shave off my brows.

Do you shave & draw on your brows?